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LITERODROM: Mednarodni festival literarnih praks v razvoju // CD, 15. – 19. 1. 2015

IDIOT v gozdu – IDXV.!

Ob smrti oz. dokončni preobrazbi Tomaža Šalamuna v vse, kar je (piše: Jasmin B. Frelih)

Prihajata IDIOT 13 in RIIBA!

Z violino proti bazuki

I.D.I.O.T is a paraliterary group stationed (currently) in Ljubljana, which gives performances combining poetry/prose and music, and publishes a newspaper (with the same name) devoted to poetry, prose, theory and drama. The founding members of the group are: Tibor Hrs Pandur, Uroš Prah, Katja Perat, Jasmin B. Frelih, Nadina Štefančič, Urban Ocvirk, Žiga Četrtič in Miha Sagadin. The first issue was published in April 2009, the second was published in December 2009. The invitation for participation is open for all. You can send us your poetry, prose, theatre texts, essays, reviews, drawings, translations or music to

The group I.D.I.O.T was formed with the wish to open a space and bring together students, published and unpublished authors of the 21. century; a space which will track the development of modern literary practice, as well as theory. It was formed with a naïve wish to create a new generation and to simply start a new Renaissance, without further explanation. If our actions can bear the desired fruits, will be known (regarding the inertia of human opinion) in about twenty to thirty years time.

The performances (or manifestations) of the group I.D.I.O.T have sprung from the desire to combine music and poetry, and from the conviction that a text committed only to paper, in this day and age lacks a certain “kick ass” effect. The performances simultaneously behave in the manner of live reports from the creative processes of seven of its founding members. The performances therefore constantly change and no performance equals the next.


The IDIOT wants to mingle. The IDIOT doesn’t dig the mafia. Doesn’t understand clans: Yours – Ours. The IDIOT doesn’t understand. The IDIOT proclaims a war to borders. In heads. In states. Why shouldn’t we duplicate, multiplate information? Isn’t information a ray of light or another frequency? Isn’t art only a few lines spread across paper? Doesn’t a ray belong to everyone who can remember it? The IDIOT doesn’t belong. To his mother, you, interests, politics. Or it belongs to ALL.
The IDIOT is of another time. The IDIOT wants to jam, grow everywhere. The IDIOT writes itself against time, against the past and future, against the bazooka, against the system, always against the current. Always toward somewhere. This is the modern age. Tactics are ample to change.

(Note to self: Electricity isn’t hermetic. Beauty is simple. You don’t have to wrap it into obscure quazi-intellectual symbols. Look at the beauty of an ant, that crawls onto your paper by chance so that you have to flick it away to continue. Sometimes we feel like an art which is pure, direct and terrible like a flash of electricity through a non-censored brain.)

THE IDIOT OPENED A SPACE and now it’s OPEN. The IDIOT wants to run through unrestricted channels. The IDIOT wants to be a PART. The IDIOT doesn’t see differences. Doesn’t want to see. The IDIOT wants to grow. ∞ procreation. ∞ procreate. The IDIOT is happy when he sees others thrive and work and grow. Although they write in the dark or from the dark, although the dark writes them. The IDIOT wants voices in interaction. To mingle infinitely. To enter everywhere. The IDIOT wants the shine of all potentials. In development. Surging. Of an undeniable frequency which grows, vibrates and moves. And he feels that this is somehow, almost, I hope, maybe the sense of it all.

Editor in Chief
Tibor Hrs Pandur

Editorial Board
Muanis Sinanović
Monika Vrečar

Design and Web
Blaž Krump

Supported by
ŠOU in Ljubljana
Department of Comparative Literature of the Faculty of Arts
Student Council of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana

Some text and translations in English, German, French, Croatian and Serbian can be found in Translacije. Check back later for more.



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